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Learn skills that will accelerate your professional career. Benchmark your skillset to see how much your skills are worth to employers.

Calibrating learning and work

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Adaptive Content

We offer creators a way to see learning interactions, allowing the feedback loop of how and what learners absorb best to be immediate, not semesterly.

No tests, curriculums, or time limits

A curriculum signifies an end to learning. We harness the power of Open AI’s GPT-3 to enable growth and unlock learning potential. There is an end to schooling, yet learning carries on.

Real-World Application

We focus on practicality, helping people build essential skills - things like communicating with a non-technical audience, the ins and outs of software and internet platforms, or how to code your first software application.

Talent infrastructure built for the future

Our mission is to develop a learning platform built for the way the world works, not simply the way it was.

Learn relevant skills,
find meaningful work