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Who We Are

Not your average education company. We are a group of people andcommitted to building a system of human development for the digital world. This is a startup. One team in it together focused on a unified vision.

ChicagoWe're hiring talented people to join our team in Chicago, IL. Remote opportunities are also available.

What we're looking for

Individuals who are excited about the possibilities of technology and how it can serve education. If this is something that piques your interest, we want to hear from you.

Self-taught, college educated, learned on-the-job... if you have the skills, send us an email.

Reach Outor send an email to
"The School of Athens" inspires through its depiction of some of the greatest minds of ancient Greece coming together to pursue knowledge and truth. The art invites us to reflect on the power of intellectual curiosity and the importance of collaborative learning and critical thinking in advancing human understanding. With its emphasis on reason, dialogue, and the pursuit of wisdom, "The School of Athens" continues to inspire and enlighten viewers centuries after its creation.
Core Values

GrowthWe exist to help people learn and grow. This means that feedback and support are core to how we function.

Distributed LeadershipBeing a small team, we accompany one another - knowing when to lead and when to follow.

BoldWe embrace risk and challenge educational norms. What we're building hasn't been done before and we aim to disrupt.

AdaptiveWe are a startup, meaning we are nimble and move fast. Just like our users, we're always learning and working towards being a better company.

UbuntuWe affirm our humanity by recognizing the humanity of others and, on that basis, establish respectful human relations. I am because you are.

Cognitive DiversityWe value a variety of perspectives, skills, and problem-solving approaches within our team.