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Grow your content, understand how each video impacts a viewers skill development. Be the teacher our world needs today.

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5 Minutes or Less

Short videos that are tailored to the attention spans of mobile-first generations.


A question will appear at the end of each video. The role of content is to teach. For the Beta, teach a skill relevant to digital marketing. Screen-sharing, walkthroughs of free platforms, whiteboard animations are encouraged.

No Ads or Promos

We understand how annoying ads are, which is why we want to make Calibir an ad-free space. We are building something we genuinely want to use for our own sake.

Retention > Attention

The learner should want to watch another video, motivated to learn more, and apply what they learn to the next topic within the skill.

Be a Good Human

We are a platform that exists to develop learners of tomorrow. In order to build an optimistic tomorrow, it starts with you, the creator. Developing learners that will apply what you have taught them, in their communities and beyond.