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Still outsourcing recruitment and talent assessment? Forget recruiters and 3rd party credentials. Get a qualified talent pool by linking or sponsoring material for people to learn from.

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As an organization on Calibir, you direct the development of skills the economy needs.

When you sponsor a teacher on Calibir, you're putting capital directly towards developing what matters most to your organization. You're creating your ideal candidate pool.
  • An organization like Tesla might sponsor Aerospace Engineering content and teachers.

  • An organization like Apple might sponsor teachers to develop specialized biometric data science content.

  • An organization like Netflix might sponsor animators and artists directly to create content for their media.

With Calibir

Upgrade your talent pool

The content you provide or sponsor is not treated as just another piece of media. It is understood as training or recruiting material.

You become directly responsible for creating a more employable workforce.

Reduce the costly training and onboarding time that used to be required to get new hires up to speed.

With Calibir

Get access to qualified candidates

As learners develop their skills on Calibir, their verifiable history of experience grows with them.

Soon, an array of third-party verifiers will be checking our learners on their understanding of the topics they claim to know.

Skip the time and expense that used to be required to narrow down your candidate pool. Let us show you the right people to fill your hiring needs the first time.


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