As a teacher you create the mind of our future

Share knowledge with those interested in your domain. Curate what is already there. Partner with organizations to monetize your ability.

It's as easy as one, two, three.

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One goal to make education accessible to all

What is it
An education platform that acknowledges resources from multiple domains. Allowing multiple paths to competency, and connecting you with learners, and organizations for the purpose of development.
Why join us
This is where content meant to teach is treated as such. Stop competing with mass media, and give your content a home. Instead of giving away your content rights like other platforms, you maintain ownership of your content with a publicly verifiable contract.
What's the goal
A place where people get credit for learning across multiple domains. As content is created or linked, a knowledge graph emerges for learners to explore. As the graph grows, the potential for industries to develop people grows with it.

A home for content meant to teach

Drown out the noise of competing with random forms of media. Connect with an audience that wants to learn.

The ability to share knowledge is valued

Connecting teachers and organizations who want to change the world. Knowledge becomes more valuable than just views.


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