VisionTo Credit the Curious Mind

Calibir's vision is to establish the internet's standard for knowledge acquisition and representation. We strive to be a beacon of innovation in education and development. Let all who seek knowledge be rewarded for their endeavors, for the benefit of individual and industry.

The Horizon

The future of education is upon us, and with it comes a world of boundless opportunity. The advent of computers and the networks they operate on has opened up a realm of knowledge that was once unimaginable. Now, anyone can learn anything they please, but getting credit is another story.

The potential for a representation of knowledge that is internet native can benefit both individual and industry. With the right approach, it can be a powerful tool for individuals to demonstrate their learning and accomplishments, which can be an asset to organizations.

By creating an open system for tracking and verifying learning, individuals can create a digital resume of their skills and knowledge that is both portable and verifiable. This kind of system can benefit people of all backgrounds and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing job market.

This new model of accreditation is something we believe will unleash the potential of the autonomous learner. No longer are we beholden to the limitations of a traditional classroom or a dated, standardized grading system and curriculum. Instead, we are free to follow our own curiosities and passions, to learn and discover new frontiers.

This is a world where people are confident in their ability to learn. Where the traditional barriers to access have been removed, and the judgement of an archaic grading system no longer holds sway over our intellectual confidence. This is a world where people of all backgrounds can pursue their passions and reach their full potential, unencumbered by the limitations of the past.